Speech Academy Asia Programmes Offer a Strong Foundation in Building Interpersonal Skills

Knowledge in the world is set to double every seventy-three days by 2020, estimates researcher Norman W Edmund. With this phenomenal rise in content, communicating information in a way that is useful to others will become a revered skill, critical for building relationship in areas including studies, work or business.

By observing the emergence of this trend, Speech Academy Asia has carved out a niche in the market by offering interpersonal skills training to the schools, corporate and working adults. These trainings, which include public speaking, communication, team building and sales courses, are customised to people of all ages. At Speech Academy Asia, the mission is to bring success to people’s lives, enriching careers and relationships through the enhancement of speaking skills.

Courses for Students

Designed to help children and teenagers attain strong speaking skills quickly and effectively, our courses utilise the ‘360-Degree Power Learning’ to motivate children to dare to speak up and utilize their entire body language, voice, and word crafting to convince audiences.

·         Public Speaking

·         One on One Coaching

·         Holiday Camp 2015

Courses for Public Training

Help you become who you want to be in life using the power of your speech. You will learn how to present and impress the audience easily with the most comprehensive speech compendium. Master selling skills to get you the promotion, job, and income you always wanted. This program will empower you internally to conquer your fear and motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

·         Adult Speaking Classes

·         One on One Coaching

·         Speech of Excellence

Courses for School

Raise your school standing by transforming your students into passionate and persuasive emissaries, who by proudly echoing your school values, will win the hearts and minds of a larger audience, now and beyond.

·         Presentation and Communication Skills

·         Leadership Skills Training

·         Team Building

All trainings are conducted in fun and engaging ways. It invokes the creativity and passion in speaking. Participants will not only learn how to become great speakers, they will have transferring tools to coach others to achieve as well. At Speech Academy Asia, “You are what you speak”.

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