Bring out the best in your students with well-crafted Chinese Composition toolkit from PEBBLES’ LANGUAGE CENTER

Ms Shi Bin, a graduate from the renowned Beijing Normal University, has more than 20 years of Mandarin teaching experience in China and Singapore. She started her teaching career at Nan Hua Primary School in 1988 and eventually rose up the ranks to become a Senior Teacher at River Valley Primary School in 2004. She was instrumental in establishing the “River Valley News Station”, that made news and was reported in the Chinese newspaper supplement widely circulated in Singapore schools. Her dedication and innovations in Mandarin teaching earned her the MOE ‘Singapore Model Teacher of the Year’ award in 2007.

Ms Shi Bin is often invited to speak at International conferences and Singapore Teachers’ Network. She has also conducted workshops for teachers in Chung Cheng Main School and Maha Bodhi School. She was also part of the team responsible for the researching and drafting of the primary and secondary Chinese curriculum in Singapore. Her articles have been published in the Chinese newspapers such as the Lian He Zao Bao.

Ms Shi Bin eventually founded Pebbles’ Learning Center that specialises in Mandarin teaching. She has gathered top-notch resources for Chinese Composition writing and has come up with an essential reference for teachers and students. Her recent project was based on conducting composition enrichment classes for primary 5 and 6 pupils of Radin Mas Primary School during the June holidays in 2012.

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