NURTURE KIDS empowers your students with emotional intelligence for lifelong success.

In the recent Ministry of Education (MOE) Work Plan Seminar held on 22nd September 2011, Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, talked at length about the 21st Century Competencies Framework and highlighted the importance of providing a student-centric and holistic education centered on values and character development. This is to allow each child to fulfill his potential and develop good character to be resilient and responsible citizens.

Indeed, a landmark study published in 2011, involving 213 school-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programmes and 270,034 students, had suggested that students who attended SEL programmes showed improvements in both academic achievements and social-emotional skills.

SEL programmes helps to increase students’ self-efficacy, self-awareness, and confidence when they face difficulties during learning, resulting in students who are more likely to push on when they meet academic and social challenges. Relationships between teachers and students and the general school climate are also better in schools implementing SEL programmes, enabling effective teaching and learning that improves student outcomes.

In a nutshell, SEL helps children to recognise and deal with feelings in an appropriate manner, manage interpersonal relationships, communicate effectively, solve problems effectively, have broader perspectives and make responsible decisions. These essential life skills help children develop resilience.

SEL can help children develop desirable traits such as empathy which reduces emotional and behavioural problems.
SEL programmes need to be well-structured for it to work well. Nurture Kids’ SEL curriculum is the answer to improve performance of your students and your school. The curriculum is adapted from a well-established and tested research-based USA programme, which can be customised to be relevant and developmentally appropriate for children in Singapore.

Programmes are delivered by trained coaches in a fun and interactive manner. Ranging from school-wide implementation to short workshops, Nurture Kids programmes are a collaborative effort with schools and can help your students reap the benefits of SEL.

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