Where your creative flame is always kept burning

Drum roll please…..Here comes Impresario Arts School, an establishment to unleash your child’s imagination and innovation in the arena of creative arts using fun-filled and exciting games and parties.

Based on a patent-pending concept called ‘Imagine Inventions’, this scientific, step-by-step method, besides providing plenty of adrenalin-charged thrills, has a proven track record as well.

Lessons here at Impresario Arts Schools, developed using ‘Imagine Inventions’, are conducted over interactive workshops with each session lasting one-an-a-half hours, following a forty-five minutes post-workshop challenge where students compete to see who has the best games.

During these workshops, trainers will offer a holistic framework for thinking to guide students in the art of imagination, innovation, invention and presentation so as to help streamline their ideas into practical, stimulating games that they can play. For the more ambitious, they may consider setting the Singapore or even the world record!

“As a teacher, I believe students will benefit from such a workshop not only because it is educational but it is also full of fun! This attribute helps tremendously in building students confidence, and their “I Can” mentality. Moreover all these activities are easy to follow with relevant examples provided such that students have models to identify with in a hands-on approach which keeps them motivated and excited. I would be happy to use this workshop for my students to develop their thinking skills in a positive and friendly environment”.
– Mrs Tess Scully
Specialist English & Drama Teacher
Tauranga Girls College, New Zealand

Workshops by Impresario Arts School are conducted for pupils from primary five and onwards.

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