GoMind is the publisher of Award Winning Educational Games copyrighted by MOE Singapore. More than 200 Schools in Singapore actively used one of GoMind Maths and Chinese Educational Games to aid in student learning. GoMind is the organiser of National Challenge for ArithmetEQ and Creative tile Genie.


What’s special? A card game used to reinforce mathematics concepts. It provides a fun way to sharpen mental calculation skills. It has increased students’ mental agility in areas of numeracy. It can be used to play up to 25 games.
Age range: Primary level
Price: $9.90 per pack
Awards: This game won Innovator Award presented by MOE.
Testimonials: “It provides great fun for both children and adults. These cards are used in class for reinforcement of concepts as well as to inject excitement and fun in learning Mathematics,” says Mrs Polly Chew, HOD Mathematics,
Pasir Ris Primary School.


What’s special? A Chinese card game used to reinforce Chinese character study. Each card contains a radical and
a component which can be combined with other cards to form chinese words.
Age range: Primary 2 – 6
Price: $8.80 perpack
Awards: This game is used by more than a 100 schools in Singapore.


What’s special? Play Mahjong! This fascinating Chinese word game allows players to use tiles to form Chinese characters. This is probably the coolest Chinese Word Game in Singapore. Kids will love it!
Age range: Upper Primary and Secondary
Price: $89.90 per pack
Awards: This game won Innopreneur Gold Award presented by MOE.
Testimonials: “Creative Tile Genie is an interesting game that allows us to play and learn at the same time. By playing the game, I have managed to learn many new Chinese words,” says Joseph Teo, 12, St Andrew’s Junior School.


What’s special? A Mathematics board game that is played Scrabble-style. Players take turns to form equations using tiles.
Age range: Junior version: Primary 2 – 4 Standard version: Upper Primary & Secondary
Price: $49.90 per pack
Accolades: 3rd National ArithmetEQ Challenge will be held in 2012. Its used by more than 100 Schools in Singapore.

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