Competitions and trainings by EXCEL LEAGUE to hone talents of promising pupils

Various institutions in Singapore such as Hwa Chong, Raffles Institution and NUS High School offer Math Olympiads for students to prove their mettle and gain admission into these institutions. However, children find it very challenging to match the standard of Math in these Olympiads. As a result, many fall out of these competitions feeling dejected and drained of confidence. This trend, which has not spared even the best pupils, is also prevalent across the Science Olympiads such as – Tan Kah Kee competitions and the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad.


This motivated Excel League to create the Singapore and ASEAN Schools Math Olympiads (SASMO), modelled after the renowned International Math Olympiad. Since 2006, SASMO has been gaining popularity in Singapore. In 2011, participation figures swelled to above 6000 in Singapore and 180,000 worldwide. One reason being – SASMO as a competition does not restrict participation to the top 3-5% of a student cohort. In fact, it is made open to the majority of the school population to students who have a good foundation in Math and a positive attitude.


Experts here believe it is a world-class competition that provides the best exposure to primary and secondary students, especially for those seeking entry through Direct School Admission (DSA) to establishments such as Hwa Chong, NUS High and Raffles Institution.Besides SASMO, other similar platforms include AIMO (Asia International Mathematical Olympiad and Iken Scientifica – a Science Olympiad.

These two competitions are world-class competitions that offer students opportunities to prove their mettle at an international arena. AIMO and Iken Scientifica both offer a Global Final Round, where national champions of participating countries meet to represent their nations in competing for the Global championship. Competitions such as these provide an excellent opportunity for students to test their higher-order application skills in Math and Science. Plus, with the exposure and confidence gained, they make ideal DSA candidates, much sought after by the top schools in Singapore.

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