CLEAR MINDS EDUCATION CENTRE connects families and schools through strong community relationship with its programmes.

They say “It takes a village to raise a child!” And that’s precisely what ClearMinds does for schools – it lightens teachers’ load by working with them to develop their pupils holistically.

“At its core, ClearMinds’ programmes are based on developing an able and wholesome person who has the courage to face the challenges of globalization confidently,” says its founder, Mrs Kumar, a former Subject Head for Mathematics and Head of Character and Leadership Development, with over twenty years of teaching experience.
Its range of programmes for holistic development includes

• Confident Communication
• Confident & Effective Speaking
• Going Beyond I, Me & Myself!
• Managing My Time Effectively
• Stress Is No Evil!
• Bringing Out My Best Self!
• Social Etiquette & My $$$$$!
• Luv Thy Home!
• Conflict Resolution
• Attitude VS Aptitude

(In addition to academic programmes for primary/secondary/JC)

“Pupils should not be like a jelly fish- floating passively with the tide, “ says Mrs Kumar, the former subject head for Mathematics and Head of Character and Leadership Development.

“Today’s parents want to play a bigger role in their children’s development. Schools will benefit greatly by empowering them with essential skills,” says Mrs Kumar, who has specially developed a popular parenting programme, ‘Parenting in Maths’.

Parents who attended the programme are now more confident of helping their children in Maths issues such as ‘Drawing Models’. Sharing their wealth of experiences and teaching their children to solve complex problem sums in the field of mathematics, with a dash of character development, Mrs Kumar and er teachers have enlightened many parents and won ClearMinds lots of praises.

“ClearMinds is absolutely brilliant and inspiring. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from one of our best in the education scene, “ quipped a Vice-Principal of a primary school in the West, who attended the Parenting in Maths workshop.

ClearMinds whose guiding philosophy is ‘Believe In Your Pupils & See the Amazing Changes’ – assures all that pupils under the guidance of the ClearMinds Expert Teachers will be transformed to live meaningful lives.

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