BRITISH COUNCIL has an extensive range of courses and workshops to support experienced and less experienced teachers, and the enthusiasm of the instructors is infectious.

Teacher Development Centre

The Teacher Development Centre (TDC) at British Council has been supporting and training teachers since 1968. THE TDC has been at the forefront of Ministry of Education’s initiative for the past five years, working with schools, clusters and zones as well as with the English Language Institute of Singapore. It spearheaded programmes such as the English Language Proficiency course for teachers, English for Subject Teaching and tests for assessing teachers’ English proficiency.

Practical Ideas

British Council is well-known for running workshops and courses that are firmly rooted in classroom practice. While all programmes are underpinned by sound theory, its trainers never let their sessions get bogged down by too much information. Participants experience activities and model-lessons and apply what they have discovered to their own teaching context.

Creative Thinking And Encouraging Personal Response

This means taking a fresh look at the texts you work with, and being bold in introducing new ones. Programmes such as Critical Thinking through Illustrated Children’s Literature, Teaching Visually, Teaching and Learning Language through the Arts and Visual Literacy will appeal to Primary teachers. Secondary teachers need to get to grips with multimodal texts as well as texts rich in language. TDC can help you update your skills in Media Literacy, Visual Literacy, Viewing and Representing and give you confidence to expand your teaching repertoire with workshops such as Rich Texts Rich Language.

Outreach Programmes

Outreach programmes for students are delivered by British Council teachers at your school, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your students.


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