BELIEVER MUSIC is helping to raise a generation of musicians through a worship-inspired classroom experience.


Since its establishment in 2000, Believer Music has equipped more than 14,500 individuals with essential music skills like vocal, guitar and keyboard disciplines.


With a structured syllabus and an enjoyable learning environment specially tailored for the complete beginner, Believer Music taps the melody within everyone to offer a unique learning experience.

Its non-examinable approach encourages learners to play music in a completely stress-free environment. The classes are small, with a maximum of six students in each class. This makes students feel comfortable in a cosy setting, allowing them to express themselves freely. Group activities that improve EQ and specially-crafted syllabus with Biblical themes make learning at Believer Music a lively experience. Classes are held every day of the week and students can make up missed lessons.


The Believer Kids Keyboard Programme is designed for children aged 8 to 12. The special techniques of conducting this praise and worship genre of music classes enable students to reach advance modules in just two years.
Parents can also prepare their children for platform playing.


Augustine Gloriana of Risen Grace Ministries, who is in level 3 of Believer Kids Keyboard Programme, feels that her classes have made her more conscious of God. She says, “Each week, I looking forward to learning more about God. I like my classes a lot. Thank you Believer Music!”

Yap Lynette of Holy Trinity Church finds her classes are a blessing and a source of joy. “Not only are the classes fun but are spiritually recharging. All the trainers are very patient and professional,” she says.

Register for the school holidays programmes for Keyboard and Voice Programmes and experience the music.

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